As a enthusiastic driver of a camper, my blog is dedicated to all people who are undecided by traveling with a motorhome or those people who would like to fetch a couple of tips regarding life on the road. I’m giving decision support which motorhome is best suited and clarify questions regarding water and power supply. With well-advanced drivers I’m sharing tips for chilled driving and I’m taking the fear of traveling alone and being vacant.

My blog and my book set the mood to travel as a roamer, stimulate the desire that the journey begins with stepping out of the front door and feeling free by traveling with the motorhome.

My job as a self-employed graphic-designer as well as my family enables me to break from the routine and get on my camper on my own, which is called „Franz“. I like to explore  Europe’s remotest corners, love to follow the costeline aimless, love Balkans and Baltics, especially I’m enjoying being vacant in deserted areas. But I’m also writing about nice campsites, which inspire me, so even experienced campmobile owners are able to explore new destinations on my blog.