Alan Heath has worked in the publishing industry for more than twenty years mainly for business magazines related to real estate, packaging and food industries as well as general economy. In 1996 he founded Polish Business News, in 2006 Central and Eastern European Packaging and was a daily columnist for Poland’s leading financial daily Puls Biznesu. He has lived in a motorhome since 2011, travelling throughout Europe and writing from his van although he spends most winters in Italy and summers in Poland. Although he travels alone as a rule, he is multilingual and this helps him meet other campers. In 2014 he started to publish Motorhome Full Time which appears as a weekly internet newsletter and through this and his other social media platforms reaches over 500,000 people per month. He is also very passionate about nutrition and history and uses his motorhome travels to write and talk about food as well as to visit sites related mainly to modern European history.