Project Description

The new Alpina brings outstanding comfort, high-performance, an emphasis on quality, elegant interiors and comfort, all year round. Five stories have driven the design. Inspired design. Aerospace expertise brought new high-performance features, including wind diffusers for improved towing. Alpina is full of Adria Signature features. Adria Comprex body, Adria-Alde engineered heating and airflow. An XL panoramic window with smooth opening. Alpina offers Home-style feeling all year long with elegant spacious interiors incl intuitive lighting. A new lounge chair, with full electrical adjustment and a rechargeable lamp, which can be used outdoors. Contemporary living spaces offer elegant and comfortable living all around with a touch of real chrome or real wood elements. Alpina offers additional Inspired solutions for better living. Exclusive LED silhouette lights, exclusive panoramic door on 663 PT with smart digital panel and exclusive Adria MACH app.