Project Description

The Alphavan combines several unique aspects into a very fresh progressive campervan:
1) Lightweight interior materials to reach an overall weight below 3.5 tons using the longest and highest van: better fuel efficiency while improving driving dynamics, the weight below 3.5 tons allows driving the vehicle with a standard EU drivers’ license and enables flexibility (e.g. by being handled as passenger car on toll roads)
2) New interior design language (rounded edges, thin and single-cast surfaces, natural haptics) and clean exterior design
3) Full use of digitization capabilities to turn campervan into smart home on wheels (Internet connectivity, remote access, smart home style control of all caravan systems, Touch Screen and Smartphone App control of functions)
4) flexible space concept with big FlexPort (rear garage) that can safely host both large equipment and an additional sleeping area
5) lightweight 210Ah battery, solar panel, induction cooking – therefore gas-free