Project Description

A revolutionary control system for recreational vehicles.

For years, we have listened to bodybuilders, installers, refitters – and users – dream about a solution for a different control system for their motorhomes, a much better one.

A system that would be universal, integrate and control ALL equipment and devices, from all brands, with all protocols: one system to rule them all…. A system that would be compact and easy to install into a device, with no engineering, a few hours of work, clear instructions, plug&play and ready to fly, and enjoy. A system that would get rid of electronic fuses, replaced by programable resettable fuses, and that could measure all currents and consumption. Of course, with remote access from everywhere via mobile data, through phones, tablets, smartwatches, car radios, computers…. With smart scenarios putting all equipment into harmonious collaboration, offering a whole new word of creative opportunities, with more security and protection, more comfort. With great customisable visuals, a high-quality touchscreen.

We listened carefully, combined all these dreams, and we did it! We created a special hardware, APPs, and here we are:  our clients are delighted, we got an amazing and exciting feedback from the sector during Caravan Salon 2022, thank you!