Project Description

The task of accommodating two heavy and bulky e-mountain bikes incl. all other camping accessories such as chairs, table, gas grill and much more in the motorhome garage is often a bit of a challenge.
With the Sutter bike carrier this is much easier.
The just 9 kg heavy carrier is made of anodized aluminum profiles and can be individually adjusted to any bike. Two bikes are placed next to each other diagonally in the same direction and offset. Thus, the space required for the wide handlebars is necessary only on one side. This leaves a huge storage space in the garage for all other utensils.
The design of the carrier allows all possible variations and can be rebuilt and adapted at any time.
The wheels are placed on the carrier in front of the camper and fixed. The carrier is lifted up to the garage on one side and pushed in quite comfortably thanks to the rollers.