Project Description

Biotoi from Prototypenbau Dipl.-Ing. S. Gerner

BioToi – the nature-friendly portable toilet:
BioToi is the world’s most compact mobile urine-diverting dry toilet with composting function – it works without the use of any chemicals. Extremely compact on the outside (W 322 mm, H 388 mm, T 390 mm), it still boasts the largest urine tank in the competition and a patented, spacious feces container, both of which can easily be removed for substance disposal. The stirring element in the feces container is operated via a crank handle (easy and tool-free connection is possible on either side of the box). The urine tank is sealed by a patented membrane odor trap. Thanks to the sophisticated bowl design, the liquids area can also be used as a bidet. Direct connection to the vehicle’s sewage system is possible. The housing is completely made of durable stainless steel, the bowl is cold-elastic PP-C. This aesthetic and robust combination is easy to clean and disinfect. Seat height can be boosted to an ergonomic 460 mm with the help of a supporting element. The electronics of the fan unit offers continuous operation or an energy-saving interval program which prevents the on-board battery from deep discharge.