Project Description

This power station is a multifunctional mobile energy source – a jack of all trades. With these devices you always have 230V AC with you!
Lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) are installed in all three mobile power stations from Bosswerk. These have a major advantage, especially in terms of safety: no gases, no risk of explosion or fire. In addition, the batteries are absolutely maintenance-free. On the one hand, they are safer than the Li-NMC or Li-NCA batteries that are used in many products from competitors. On the other hand, they do not contain any heavy metals that pollute the environment. In addition, the built-in LiFePO4 batteries offer more charging cycles – even if the batteries are always 100 percent charged. If necessary, all electronic assemblies can also be replaced in just a few minutes. This allows Bosswerk to give a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. After the warranty period has expired, Bosswerk offers the customer a 10-year option to purchase the components.