Project Description

CaraWarn Abbiegeassistent + Alarmanlage SecureSleep DELUXE-6 by H3M Zukunft mit Sicherheit GmbH

CaraWarn Turning Assistant + Alarm System SecureSleep DELUXE-6
The system combines several driver assistance systems in just one product. As a 5in1 system, it is a turn-off assistant while driving and at the same time an alarm system at night and thus specially developed for motor homes.

6Sensors as all-round protection:
1. turn assistant for blind spot right
2. lane change assistant right
3. lane change help left
4. shunting aid when reversing + parking
5. alarm system “Secure-Sleep” at night

Unique and patented alarm system “Secure-Sleep”: It detects if someone wants to break in and alarms BEFORE any damage can occur. A possible burglar is deterred preventively by flashing all-round lights + damage to the vehicle or danger to LIFE and LIFE is prevented. The system offers protection against robberies at night, protection against gas attacks, deterrent effect BEFORE the damage to the vehicle even occurs.