Project Description

Carthago chic c-line New Generation: The new direction of interior design
The Carthago chic c-line 2022 has something for every taste with its worlds of style. The new linea progressiva world of style with the bicolour look deserves special attention, since it marks the beginning of a new interior design direction for Carthago. The bottoms of the overhead storage cabinets are in matt ivory, the bottoms of the overhead storage flaps are in a light, glossy ivory, and are decorated in a warm golden acacia wood colour on top. The kitchen is dominated by ivory. The new world of style makes an elegant and friendly impression, and visually extends the room. Anyone who prefers wooden tones can choose the popular linea moderna world of style. Carthago is offering the well-tried linea classica as a third variant. There is also the exclusive linea siena world of style for the chic c-line superior. The basis of the new worlds of style is the new “exclusive line” furniture architecture, which increases the high living value of the chic c-line even more. The new geometries of the lounge seating areas increase the feeling of spaciousness. The TV cabinet is cleverly integrated in the furniture. The newly designed kitchen with a curved and raised counter as well as newly designed sleeping areas with harmoniously flowing and soft shapes round out the interior with its well-being atmosphere.