Project Description

Rear and front – partly in LFI technology (Long fiber injection method of processing fiber-reinforced polyurethane systems)

– high design freedom in the design with integrated function
– optimal insulation
– Improved hail protection
– Colouring, back-foamed top layer
– “Class A” look (high-gloss automotive surface)
– 100% UV resistant
– Easy to care for thanks to smooth transitions and optimized joints on the body

A prerequisite for the use of LFI components was the ecological recyclability of the composite material. This for
A point that is very important to us was already confirmed by the manufacturer in advance of further developments. It is essential here that the foam-backed component is complete after disassembly is shredded. The individual fractions – ABSPMMA, PU foam and glass – are processed using tried and tested methods sorted and sent for further use.