Project Description

EMKA Beschlagteile – eCam

The electromechanical cam lock eCam is universally applicable and is used as an adaptive locking device that is invisible from the outside. The eCam serves as an electronic locking and monitoring device for any tongue lock. It is fixed to the cabinet frame with 2 screws or the enclosed double-sided adhesive tape. The eCam locks the incoming cam via a latch and thus prevents unauthorized opening of the lock. The wide inlet area for the cam is also suitable for twist locks. For opening, the latch is retracted via an electrical signal and the cam is released. The eCam is actuated by a special electronic control (e.g. via the machine control or by means of an external card reader and ID card). Thus unauthorized persons have no possibility to open the corresponding door or flap. The preparation of an optional emergency opening via Bowden cable is already part of the eCam.