Project Description

Eura Mobil Contura auf Mercedes Benz

The Mercedes Contura already embodies its claim of exclusivity with its exterior design. This is particularly evident in its form, with pronaunced fictitious edges and the flat connection between the driver’s cab and the modern GRP superstructure. The modern RIM Manufactfuring Technology garanties far high precision components. The Sprendlingen-based manufacturer also offers no standard solution when  it comes to the passageway from the driver’s cab to the superstructure. The covers for the roofcut-out nestle particularly precisely to the cab geometry, creating an exceptionally wide and comfortable passageway with plenty of headroom. For this effect, the cab structure has been specially modified in accordance with the Chassis Manufacturer. With its spectacular view of the starry sky, the two-port Star light Dome panoramic gloss roof, used exclusively by Eura Mobil, further enhances this feeling of freedom. This is accompanied by tangible functional advantages: thanks to its smart-lift and soft-closefunction, the lift-tilt raofcan be lifted and lowered with two fingers without using o crank hondle and incidentally offers a 20% larger roofcut-out than conventional lift-tilt roofs-foreven more light and air in the vehicle body.