Project Description

EMKA has brought a creative new development onto the market using a flat swinghandle. The secret of this solution: In addition to the very flat design, the closing mechanism can be exchanged in a few steps using exchangeable modules. On the one hand, the new handle increases flexibility for the customer. On the other hand, it increases the safety level in other areas. Due to the strong demand, EMKA is now expanding its portfolio to include a small version for which the same ­interchangeable modules can be used. In particular, high-quality locking technology is usually installed in hazardous areas, but the handles often protrude too far from the door’s surface. EMKA’s flat swinghandle protrudes only 9 mm from the cabinet’s surface and is ideal for areas with narrow passageways, escape routes, or design-oriented enclosures. But in addition to safety and design, EMKA has also considered installation convenience and made it possible to replace the respective locking device from the front.