Project Description

Our topper is a completely new product that was developed with the aim of improving the quality of sleep in camping/caravans and boats. The topper core consists of open-pored 3D mesh spacer fabric, the cover of superfine spacer knit. This makes our product very compact and light (approx. 3 kg for a standard size of 2mx0.9m), breathable and moisture-regulating, hygienic as it is completely washable (cover at 60 degrees, core at 40 degrees). The biggest advantage, however, is that we manufacture our toppers completely to measure in Germany, i.e. the customer receives a topper that is made to his or her requirements. This means that every topper is unique. In addition, we manufacture the toppers from sustainable materials (all components are OEKO-Tex certified and the core consists of 100% recyclable polyester).