Project Description

Our vans were introduced by the first time to Europe at Caravan Salon of Düsseldorf in 2021, they had such a great acceptation that we wanted to show our ideas in this competition. Our vans are based in one idea: space. Specifically, our main objective is to improve the space use. We try to build the most efficient van in every possible way. For this reason, our layouts have been designed using our patented systems that we call Dynamic Space® by FURGOK®. We have the only foldable bathroom of the sector that together with our electric liftable beds system makes the best of the interior space compared to any other van in the segment. These systems increase usable space as improve livability so to get a better user experience. The traveller will enjoy a full bathroom with a shower of 60x90cm and 10cm depth, a sink, and a full-body mirror to feel just like home. The best advantage is that you will not only not splash out, but also get back the 100% of the space once the bathroom is folded.