Project Description

The most innovative product of amathabito is based on the hook-lift container platform. In that way it is the most mobile Caravan without wheels: it can be moved within barely 90 seconds. This transport system is widespread in whole Western Europe. Thanks to this fact the house can be moved by any fleet. The combination of this transport system with a little house is protected by a patent.
It was very important to us that even such small houses should be accessible for handicapped. That´s why is the entrance on a ground level and the interior is designed in such a way that even people with handicaps can live in there comfortably. On 20sqm you find an apartment-like furnishing and a fully accessible bathroom. Self-sufficient water supply and sewage system allow for a rather independent usage.
As this house is built fully out of wood it has a nice atmosphere and is to a great extend ecological. You can aim for a modular extension of your l