Project Description

Hymer – New Communication Design ERIBA

In 2020, ERIBA as the caravan brand of Hymer GmbH & Co. KG will start freshening up its brand communication. The aim is to represent a modern and authentic brand identity that can show its individuality within the caravan industry. The release of the new catalog 2020/21 marks the communicative start of ERIBA’s new brand identity. All communication measures which the customer will pass during the customer journey are coordinated and support the perception and identity of the brand. The visual new beginning, which is fresh and self-confident in the competitive environment, gives ERIBA a new attractiveness within the target group. With its new appearance, ERIBA is also taking account of the change in values within the future buyer groups and is establishing itself as an open and modern brand in an industry that was previously often perceived as traditional. The ERIBA brand stays: modern, on the pulse of time and distinctive.