Project Description

iNDUS smart sanitation system of Thetford Europe

Life becomes much easier for those who have to empty the waste-holding tank. iNDUS is a revolutionary smart sanitation system, offering RV users more convenience, more hygiene and more freedom. With iNDUS RV users can be off-grid for an average up to 7 days. The iNDUS discharge module supports one-stop discharging of grey and black water in a very hygienic and flexible way. No more walking with the waste-holding tank. Prevent the risk of splashes and malodours. The iNDUS toilet is an innovative macerator toilet with a soft close seat and cover. A great amount of fresh water is saved by an efficient toilet flush and by re-using grey water to flush the toilet. The 3 specially developed additives are dosed automatically via the iNDUS dosing module in exactly the amount needed. All actions are supported by the Thetford iNDUS app, giving RV users a complete real time overview on tank levels, cartridge levels, off grid time and discharge locations. Sanitation has never been easier.