Project Description

KNAUS Van TI / KNAUS FoldXpand-Technology

Our innovative KNAUS FoldXpand rear construction unites two characteristics of a motorhome which are seemingly opposed: maximum interior space with compact outer dimensions. Thanks to a unique folding lamella construction and an entirely new type of taillight carrier, the rear forms a completely flat, automotive surface. Thus, a revolutionary concept, previously unseen in motorhome construction was developed. The living space is extended by 10 cm in length without adding a single millimeter to the outer dimensions. The FoldXpand rear construction is firstly applied on the KNAUS VAN TI. As per usual the VAN TI remains compact and agile. Furthermore, despite the compact external dimensions, the VAN TI offers the largest living space of its class. Additionally, the angular furniture geometry in the interior allows for optimal room to move. The particularly generous living space convinces with open lines of sight, modern ambience, stylish design accents and well-thought-out storage space.