Project Description

Liner, Modelljahr 2021 by Concorde

The 2021 Liner based on the Mercedes-Benz Actros chassis with a 6-cylinder 7.7-litre engine will initially be available in three layouts (996 MI, 990 GI, 1090 GI).
Conspicuous features of the exterior design: striking front mask, sensor-controlled electrically opening storage compartments at the sides, frameless cab side windows, the recessed awning, as well as the segmented side panels and wide body door, striking rear mask (manual or hydraulic opening, alternatively Concorde lift-up system), spoiler with rear-view camera and lights.
New interior: “Jatoba Brilliant” furniture colour, “Vanilla” leather upholstery with new quilting, Dometic Series 10.
Particularly noteworthy: distinctive lighting design, for indirect lighting of floor and canopies. Kitchen and bathroom are more than spacious, flooded with light, with plenty of work surface or storage space. Bedroom with queen size bed, 32 inch TV as well as lots of storage space for uncompromising comfort.