Project Description

The LMC Style caravans are explicitly aimed at young campers. With the LMC Style 400 F, the range now also offers a layout aimed at couples and solo travellers. Quite compact with an overall length of 5.83 m and a width of 2.33 m, it is the shortest in the Style family. Thanks to the interior headroom of 1.98 m and the fold-down bed, the characteristic feeling of space of the large Style models is taken up in the more compact space. LMC consistently applies brand com-petence here: short, compact lightweight construction from the caravan think tank Sassenberg.
The folding bed is installed in a space-saving way for more room during the day and sufficient space at night. It offers a comfortable width of 1.50 m and a sufficient length of 1.90 m. The folding mechanism is reminiscent of the cupboard beds from the 1960s, which are currently experiencing a revival in the furniture market. The bed linen stays on top, is strapped on and disappears into the back wall. It works very simply.