Project Description

“Travel small, live large” That’s the motto of Bürstner’s new Lyseo Gallery TD. The innovative semi-integrated with an inflatable over-cab alcove starts with 2 compact layouts not even 7 m long. It is based on the Lyseo TD with a functional Thermo-Floor sandwich floor throughout. With the additional over-cab alcove, the Lyseo Gallery TD unites the advantages of a coach-built vehicle with those of an over-cab bed model: Its 2nd level is lowered completely and locked with an electric locking system while travelling, giving the vehicle the streamlined silhouette of a low profile coach-built. Once parked up, the alcove can then be elevated in 90 sec with the aid of compressed air and a specially developed air chamber system. The vehicle reaches a max. body height of approx. 3.7 m. The over-cab offers a usable 2nd living floor as it is elevated vertically with a comfortable sleeping area with 110 cm of headroom easily accessible via fixed stairs. The interior focuses on ergonomic and design.