Project Description

Malibu I: The A-Class model with the best all-round view
Visibility means safety, which is why the driver’s cabin visibility concept is one of the most essential features of the A-Class Malibu motorhomes. The front of the motorhome tapers, which gives you a better overview, reduces the turning radius and makes the changeover easier for car drivers. The extra-low dashboard cover and the appropriately low windscreen give you the best view of the road: You see the road after just 2.77 metres – the best value of any A-Class motorhome. The panoramic windscreen gives you an excellent view of traffic lights and traffic signs – or the landscape in front on the way to your holiday. The view towards the rear is equally unobstructed in a Malibu I: The bus rearview mirror with large main and wide angle mirrors show what is at the side and behind the motorhome in the adjacent lanes. See and be seen: Each Malibu I has bright LED daytime driving lights as standard.