Project Description

The MiKoBox is THE center console box. It was developed for camping vehicles from standard vans to semi-, and fully integrated models. It is attached in the footarea between the driver and front passenger. The MiKoBox is a multifunctional furniture, it is: 1. Drawer; 2. Clipboard; 3. storage space; as well as 4. snack and TV table at the same time. Ideal for driver and passenger to reach. Nothing needs to mirror or slide around in the dash tray behind the windscreen anymore, there is enough storage space. With the closed MiKoBox, it is easy to go into the living area of ​​the vehicle and also to turn the seats.
The drawer function of the MiKoBox is the highlight, on the one hand this is a drawer that offers bottle holders and storage space and on the other hand the drawer front can be rotated upwards and thus become a table function, which is Silwy Ready. Mobile phones, keys or coffee, for example, can be placed and fixed in the upper shelf of the box.