Project Description

The Mobilemaster efold Carbon 9G lifestyle Folding E-Bike is built for anyone who wants to be mobile on the move. The carbon lightweight construction technology realises the weight reduction under 10 kg without e-drive. The motor technology of recuperation in combination with the PowerTube integrated in the seat tube enables a long range.
Furthermore, the Magura hydraulic disc brakes and Schwalbe unflattenable tyres are always a reliable choice. On longer tours, the 9-speed gears make you feel comfortable. It is small, weighs only 16 kg, and rides like a full-fledged bike. With an additional water bottle battery, it can reach a range of up to 140 km.
This efold can be folded and unfolded quickly in seconds, is suitable for long distances and more flexible than the compact bike and can be taken free along in public transport or in the car.
The environment-friendly and powerful efold Carbon 9G by GermanXia makes the freedom of local mobility more fun and even more wonderful.