Project Description

Mobilemaster Offroad Rohloff 14G is the first Folding E-bike of its kind on the European market, considered as the ideal companion for campers, caravans and top all-rounders for tours & everyday rides.
The first-class German technology from Bosch eBike System and electronic Rohloff E-14 gears with a great transmission ratio are installed. Thanks to the electronic control, the model requires very low maintenance and is all-round carefree. With Gates Carbon belts, it is almost free of maintenance and wear.
This makes Offroad GT E-14 the perfect Folding E-bike for extensive touring and varied camping experiences, with velvety soft shifting & riding feel and can be quickly folded into a small pack size and easily stowed away.
The great mobility and flexibility of the Mobilemaster Offroad GT E-14 by GermanXia allows us more to discover, experience, relax and achieve.