Project Description

In the model year 2019, the Polcher premium motor home manufacturer Niesmann + Bischoff relies on individuality. When designing the exterior, interested parties will have new and diverse options. So they can set color accents with their art or flair. On the one hand with high-quality design stickers on the front and rear wall, aprons and mirror caps; Green, champagne, orange, blue and carbon are available as customization colors. On the other hand, decor foils can be used on the side walls with the “Akzentdesign Maxi”; There are also five color options to choose from for this visual highlight, from the sporty “Carbon Look” to the elegant “Champagner Matt”. Who wants more than just accents: On request, the manufacturer for the first time offers vehicle full paintwork in the individual favorite color for all three series. As the outer appearance also includes the rims: Optionally, there are 16 “or 18” alloy wheels in the exclusive Niesmann + Bischoff design.