Project Description

The OnDuty system is a smart and intelligent platform for monitoring and controlling the on-board technology in motorhomes. Every function can be operated and controlled via the installed OnDutyDisplay or via the OnDutyControl app. The configurable display shows, among other things, the solar status, a room selection with individual modifications such as light control with choice of colour temperature, a heating interface or even tank levels.

Individual modules, the OnDuty system consist of, are interconnected via a BUS system. For example, there is the switching unit OnDutyPower and the light control OnDutyLight. CI-BUS capable devices are compatible with OnDuty and can be integrated.

The center of the system is OnDutyCore: the control unit that offers 23 interfaces for e.g. tank and gas level sensors, temperature inputs, battery monitor, heating, air conditioning and network. In addition, OnDutyCore has its own sensors for position, air pressure and relative humidity.