Project Description

OYSTER® CONNECT von ten Haaft GmbH

With the Oyster® Connect, ten Haaft has developed a special antenna system for high demands: the mobile hotspot ensures a stable signal – even while driving. You can relax in the motorhome, camper or caravan surfing – and use all the advantages of a „mobile home network“. The connection remains independent of location, regardless of the location that the external signal network comes from (LTE or WiFi) – all registered devices automatically connect to their own hotspot.
One of the main advantages of this special antenna system (2 x LTE in Diversity technology and 2 x WiFi MiMO system 2.4 / 5GHz each), with its direct HF-technical connection to the transmitter and receiver modules, is that the installation site of the outdoor unit is above the vehicle roof and thus the maximum transmit and receive power is made possible.
The Oyster® Connect is therefore far superior to the classic smartphone reception and to products currently available on the market since the attenuation of the signals by the vehicle body (thermal insulation glazing / Metal body) and the length of the antenna cable do not matter.