Project Description

The power of Thetford liquids in a pod!
Thetford launches PowerPods® Blue and PowerPods® Bio. PowerPods® offer state of the art looks and outstanding performance. They represent the new generation of convenient single dose waste-holding tank additives in the form of liquid single dose products. Due to innovative perfume lock technology, the fragrance is kept in the pod until it is needed, so hardly any smell in your bathroom and in your hands. Nevertheless, the pod dissolves in the 2 to 3 litres of water added to the waste-holding tank to release the product. PowerPods® Blue provide up to 5 days of outstanding odour control. In addition, these PowerPods® reduce gas build-up and liquefy waste for easier tank emptying. PowerPods® Bio are based on new innovative micro-organism technology, septic tank safe and positioned as the best performing green convenience product. They provide up to 4 days of outstanding odour control.