Project Description

The new roof tent from Quipon is unique in that it is a roof tent, awning and shelter all in one.
The inflatable outer tent is connected to the inner tent by elastic bands and can be used as a shelter and protection for camping equipment and e.g. bicycles. With the (separately available) side walls, the outer tent can be closed either completely or partially on all four sides using integrated zips and toggle buttons. In addition, the side walls can be erected and used as an awning.
The inner tent offers enough space for two adults and two children with a 2.4 x 2 metre sleeping area. Integrated windows and the separation from the outer tent, which has additional ventilation openings, ensure a very good indoor climate.

Thanks to its uniqueness, the Quipon roof tent is not only the absolute eye-catcher on every camping and pitching site, but also the perfect companion for a sporty weekend trip or a cosy family holiday.