Project Description

We invented smoking mobiles made of wood, these are small smoking caravans or smoking mobile homes, some of which are still illuminated. Special feature Each model gets its own original license plate. Each model is therefore unique. Even a dedication or name or a saying is still possible, but only on the caravan, and it also serves to drive away mosquitoes and the like in the summer with pleasant incense scents such as lemon, orange or lavender. In winter, Christmas scents such as fir, frankincense or gingerbread and Co. are available.

Our accessories are intended for yourself or for someone who already has “almost” everything.

All models have been manufactured in a climate-neutral manner and are manufactured by us in Dresden. Between 60-84 individual parts are assembled by hand by our team.
Due to the high demand, we are currently producing over 1000 pieces per year, and the trend is rising.