Project Description

The reversing parking pilot CanBus 2.0 is specially designed for motorhomes and caravans and combines digital reversing sensors with special CanBus technology.
The reversing sensor technology does not require a cable or radio connection. Can be used via PlugandPlay on any vehicle/trailer (old or new). The system works completely self-sufficient and sends its CAN signal via the ground of the vehicle/trailer socket. Very simple installation
1.insert sensors at the rear + connect with reversing light
2a.camper: connect distance indicator (receiver) with 12/24Volt
2b.Caravan: plug receiver into cigarette lighter in towing vehicle. Done!
No further cable laying + no cable across the vehicle necessary + no disturbing radio connection
Signal is transmitted directly via CANBus signal. No programming necessary
Caravan: plug receiver into car socket in towing vehicle.
Camper: with LED distance indicator
Camper + trailer mounted: system switches automatically to the trailer