Project Description

The SMARTTANK is a smart waste water tank with a clean overflow in which waste water is cleaned, and can be used in caravans and motorhomes.
The waste water is collected in the SMARTTANK through the first reservoir.
In the first reservoir, the waste water is filtered by means of an eco-filter, on which the sediment remains. As a result, the wastewater is largely cleaned, after which the wastewater automatically flows to the second reservoir.
Subsequently, the sedimentation takes place in the second reservoir and the remaining waste water is once again purified by two XXL sieve filters.
In addition to the XXL sieve filters, the second reservoir also contains an overflow valve. This overflow valve can be turned on or off manually, which regulates slow irrigation of the cleaned water in the soil.
By using the SMARTTANK you can (by opening the overflow valve) limit the emptying of your waste water tank to one time during your entire holiday.