Project Description

It is time to take the logical and consistent step towards an electric leisure vehicle. Knaus Tabbert AG is therefore presenting a highly regarded vehicle study at the Caravan Salon 2021, underlining its own claim
to be the innovation leader in the industry: the “KNAUS E.POWER DRIVE” – the first fully electric motorhome from Jandelsbrunn. In cooperation with HWA AG – a leading and experienced development partner in
motorsport and engineering with an international reputation – this motorhome from KNAUS with electric drive was developed. The elaborate technology of the KNAUS study is already evident in the cockpit. As
not only the drive diesel but also the six-speed manual gearbox are dispensable, a gear lever is unnecessary. In its place is a “push-button automatic” with a scheme familiar from automatic transmissions: P
(Park), R (Reverse), N (Neutral), D (Drive). Two further buttons in the panel switch on the vehicle heater (also warms the drive battery at low outside temperatures) or switch off recuperation for safety reasons in
adverse road conditions such as ice or slippery snow. At the same time, the six buttons report the charge status of the drive battery, which has a capacity of 35 kWh. Also in the cockpit: the innovative HMI
concept, consisting of two large displays. The aim here was to create the best possible solution for an optimal human-machine interface. The 12-inch touchscreen enables control of the infotainment, but can
also display additional information on driving operation. A second display reports the operating status of the motorhome, the speed or the power currently being called up. Instead of the familiar diesel engine
with gearbox, an intelligent combination of electric motor and reduction gearbox is used. The electric motor has an output of up to 180 kW and enables the fully equipped four-seater motorhome to reach a
cruising speed of over 110 km/h. The range of the “KNAUS E.POWER DRIVE” determined according to WLTP in purely electric mode is 90 kilometres.