Project Description

TakeOff – The next generation of caravanning has started von Easy Caravanning

Combine the advantages of a touring caravan with those of a tent trailer without the disadvantages. This has led us to develop “the next generation of caravanning”. The TakeOff is a new and unique innovation in the world of camping. The design is a cross-over between a traditional touring caravan and a folding trailer, free view to the rear, no additional side mirrors required, no special trailer licence. With a clear view to the rear in the rear-view mirror, you keep the overview during the drive and reversing becomes a piece of cake. And all this in a modern, contemporary automotive design that can be personalised according to your own wishes. When you arrive at your destination, you make a good impression with the unique lifting mechanism: your TakeOff is ready for use in the blink of an eye, ready for enjoyment! Thanks to the lightweight construction, it is ideal for compact class vehicles or e.g. electric cars.