Project Description

MOBILE FREEDOM. ALSO FOR YOUR BICYCLES. The freedom to travel to any place at any time: of course, this is as natural for a van as for us to have a place to sleep. Thanks to TRIGO-VAN, you can now enjoy this freedom all the more if you have bicycles with you. Instead of time-consuming and blocking access to the interior, TRIGO-VAN simply lets you have access in no time at all. Even loaded with three heavy e-bikes, TRIGO-VAN is easly moved to clear the way to the interior. 80 kg payload for up to 3 e-bikes. Suitable for Fiat, Peugeot, Citroën as of 2006. Towbar can be used without restrictions when carrier is folded up. Effortless swivelling of loaded carrier. Lighting Panel with automatic folding function. Snaps into place automatically ensured by newly developed locking system. Swivel function with double stop protection. Free access to the rear doors at all times, even when loaded thanks to the 100 degree opening angle. Foldable carrier including fixing option. Made in Germany.