Project Description

Our “VZL-22-40” is an innovative outdoor light that is attached above the entrance door of all types of mobile homes.
It illuminates the area around the mobile on the passenger side brightly and evenly.
The lamp consists of a solid aluminum block, is elegant, valuable, sturdy, and small.
It is attached to the outside wall of the mobile and does not require a cutout.
The lamp can be dimmed without flicker and has a maximum output of 8 watts with approx. 800 lumens.
The absolute highlight is the adjustable light color. It can be continuously adjusted from a golden warm white with 2200 Kelvin to a neutral white 4000 Kelvin.
The set light color can be saved as the favorite light color.
It is controlled by means of two pushbutton switches that are attached inside the vehicle.
No additional electronics are required.
The dimensions are 300mm (width) x 20mm (height) x 12mm (depth).