Project Description

Grey water:

This includes comparatively low-polluted wastewater such as shower and bath water or water after washing clothes. This water can be reused by secondary users after water recycling. It can be used industrially, but also in one’s own garden, for house cleaning or for flushing toilets.

Black water:

Black water differs from grey water in that it contains faeces and toilet paper. Occasionally, black water is further subdivided into yellow and brown water. It can also be reused, but in a separate recycling cycle from grey water. Black water can later be used for composting, fertiliser production and the production of struvite.

Wastewater disposal at the motorhome site: perfectly solved with the Schickramm wastewater channel.
Abwasserrinne Schickramm
WoMo Abwasserrinne Schickramm – Edelstahl e-poliert

A waste water channel is used to dispose of used water from motorhomes via special service areas.