Project Description

The Dethleffs Globetrotter XLI heralds the new design language in Dethleffs exterior design. In the newly designed rear in particular, the aim was to achieve a design quality on par with automobile design and to create a vehicle with an emotional design value. With the help of the handleless, push-to-open access locker door, we achieve an automotive, clean exterior look without disruptive elements, which combines excellently with the newly designed rear.

Features of the new design quality are large, calm surfaces that create sensual and sculptural transitions. The proportions are sporty and balanced. Precise edges and tight lines provide definition and create an exciting interplay. Technical elements such as position lights, third brake light and cameras have been seamlessly integrated. The dynamic stickers take up existing angles and inclinations. In the lower third of the rear, black areas create strong product graphics that can be clearly read from a distance as Dethleffs.
The slim lights in LED technology illustrate the innovative claim. A red element connects the lights and emphasizes the width of the vehicle with the horizontality. The black diffuser gives the vehicle a sporty character and a firm footing.

With the new Push-to-Open locker doors, we can do without the visually disruptive handles, which means that a modern, automotive look can be achieved and thus an attractive exterior design without disruptive elements.
The Push-to-Open closures are provided with an internal 2-point locking, which means that the locker doors are held even better and more securely.
By gently pressing in the middle of the locker door, the desired door jumps open and can be used very comfortably. When closing, a slight pressure is also sufficient in the middle of the locker door without having to operate the annoying twist locks.

Thanks to the central locking per push on the butoon, the vehicle is protected against unauthorized access. Another safety advantage, thanks to the internal hinges, is that there are no longer any visible locking elements that can be manipulated.