Project Description

Zirbenbox from Schatzmeister4x4

Out of nature into nature that’s our motto at Schatzmeister 4×4. Our Zirbenbox stands for sustainable traditional craftmanship balanced with the spirit of innovation. Because there can be health issues with the common materials used in camper production we decided to go another way and use natural growing materials like Zirbenwood, cotton, leather, felt, etc. all grown in our local region. This enables us to avoid many of the dangerous emmisions experienced during manufacturing and the unnecessary global transportation of raw materials, all the while strengthening the regional economy. Because of our sophisticated components like photovoltaics or toilets without chemicals we help to relieve the environmental pressure further. Not only in production, but also during daily use the Zirbenbox makes its contribution to sustainability due to its innovative wall construction which makes a unparalleled indoor climate, both in summer as in winter without cooling.