Project Description

Six years on, Hymer is now fundamentally revising its camper van model ranges on a Fiat chassis in order to satisfy the changing demands of these target groups, where design, user comfort and connectivity are concerned. This applies to Hymer’s popular Ayers Rock, Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone models.
One of the highlights of the new Hymer camper vans is a brand-new interior design featuring two different style collections. The use of natural-looking surface finishes, fabrics and wall coverings has had a major influence here. The new features also include the first complete four-level lighting concept in a camper van and a skylight that’s installed in the cab (Skyview). In addition, smart control of numerous vehicle components with the display of vehicle information via Hymer Connect app will be available for camper vans for the first time. The vehicles will also be fitted with a lithium battery and comfort sleeping system.