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Thetford N4000 series von Thetford Europe

With the N4000 series, we guarantee a high performing absorption refrigerator no matter what the power supply is. We all know that AC power supply on campsites is not always stable. The N4000 refrigerator temperature is always perfect regardless of a varying power supply. When connected to the mains, we ensure an optimal cooling performance at all input voltages between 205V and 250V. By making use of the patented PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology, the refrigerator self-regulates the energy supply making it more energy-efficient. The refrigerator is stable and works at its optimum state despite the variation of voltage supply. Furthermore, to make the N4000 fit for the future, all models have been made CI-BUS ready. This way the appliance can be connected to the vehicle’s central display. The manufacturer also has the flexibility to create a 2/3-way model by switching off the 12V option. All models have now automatic power selection, an updated interior and new control panels.