Innovation categories

The European Innovation Award 2023 honors innovations in a total of 18 categories. Since bloggers and influencers reach a large, very affine customer base, we have included the category “Blogger’s Favorite” in 2018. This is where bloggers and influencers reward their favorites. Apart from that, we rely on the well-tried categories to evaluate all innovations in their peer group. The jury reserves the right to re-categorize submitted products or to create new subcategories / categories.

Interior Design

  • Innovative interior design, from the individual part to the overall concept is awarded in this category.

Exterior Design

  • This category is open for innovative, attractive exterior design.


  • No matter if it’s a regular feature or an add-on: Technical solutions that make life on board easier should enter this category.


  • This category is open for new ideas which make best use of space in motorhomes, caravans or vans.


  • This category is dedicated to innovations of all kind that increase the vehicle’s saftey and protect its users.

Vehicle equipment

  • Choose this category for innovative vehicle related equipment.

Camping equipment

  • The category dedicated to new solutions in terms of equipment for the perfect camping experience.


  • Enter this category to show how a vehicle, single components or the production process are environmental-friendly.

Audience Focus

  • This is about a vehicle’s conzept or special components created especially for a dedicated, chosen user group.

Marketing / PR campaign

  • Submit your innovative consumer marketing or PR campaign here.

Innovative startup

  • Are you a young, innovative company with a new business idea? Then this category is exactly the right one.

Towing vehicle & mobility

  • Whether towing carts, eBikes or scooters – this category includes everything that makes the freedom of local mobility even more enjoyable.

Overall concept categories

These categories are free of charge if you have already submitted your innovation in one of the categories above.
  • Overall concept motorhome

  • Overall concept caravan

  • Overall concept van

  • Overall concept 4×4

  • Overall concept equipment

Blogger’s Favourite

  • Submit your product even if it’s equipment or vehicle in our new created category “Blogger’s Favourite”. It will be honored by influencer of the branche. This category is free.

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