All your advantages at a glance:

  • Celebrate with your team at the festive Award Ceremony at the CMT

  • Expand your network – at a relaxed get-together as part of the award ceremony

  • Enjoy culinary delights

  • Get to know some of the jury members of the European Innovation Award

  • Look forward to interesting lectures about the industry

  • As a winner – use the Premium Label as a seal of trust

  • Benefit from our professional on-site photo service

The fact that the European Innovation Award has been awarded for over 10 years already combined with the judges panel of European experts marks it as well-recognized and popular industry award.

As jury members the managing editors of the participating 14 European trade magazines intensively view and handle the innovations entered into the award and evaluate them based on the expertise. By the end of the entry phase, all innovations will be published on our website and the upcoming award ceremony will be announced in our  print and digital media. With our strong brands Reisemobil International and Camping, Cars & Caravans do not only reach about 150,000 of our readers but also over 70,000 newsletter subscribers. Furthermore the jury members also report about the award in their publications.

Of course the winners will be published on our website after the ceremony and receive a certificate. In 2018 we introduced the category “Bloggers’ Favorites” where bloggers vote for their favorite innovations. This will bring further coverage for your products in social media. Additionally we are offering a Premium Label, which you can use for marketing communication without geographical or temporal limitations.

International: the competition

  • Independency: The jury consists of the managing editors of Europe’s leading caravaning countries.
  • Media presence: Nominated products will be published on our website. In our magazines Reisemobil International and Camping, Cars und Caravans which are reaching more than 150.000 readers there will be reported about the awards ceremony.
  • Awareness: The award will be broadly advertised in our magazines Reisemobil International und Camping, Cars & Caravans and throughout the jury member’s magazines.
  • Public relations: The most innovative products will be honored at CMT fair.
  • Sustainability: All the winners will get the opportunity to purchase a premium label for their marketing communication to announce their products as innovative pioneers.
  • Transparency: The participation fees are entirely transparent.

Festive: the Award Ceremony

At the CMT, world’s largest public trade fair for tourism and leisure with more than 230.000 visitors, the awards ceremony will be held on the first sunday. Use this opportunity to meet interesting characters and experts of the caravaning industry.

With each nomination you will get one free ticket for the event, worth 150,- euros!

Excellent: our Labels and Licenses

We are offering our Premium Label as trustworthy seal to all winners of the European Innovation Awardwhich you can use in your marketing communication. The label may be used throughout all marketing-channels and without geographical or temporal limits.

With our label you can show that your products are innovative pioneers within the industry, approved by the European experts. The managing editors support that with their names.

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