Entry fees

In order to enter innovations into the categories we are demanding service fees according to the following conditions (the prices apply per product):

Company 1st category 2nd and every further category
Company > 5 employees 480 Euro* 280 Euro*
Company < 5 employees 180 Euro* 180 Euro*

Increase your chances

Submit your product in more than one fitting category to increase your chances to win.

Premium label

We are offering our premium label as trustworthy seal to all winners of the European Innovation Award which you can use in your marketing communication. The label may be used throughout all marketing-channels and without geographical or temporal limits.

With our label you can show that your products are innovative pioneers within the industry, approved by the European experts. The managing editors support that with their names.

 Item  Price
Premium label 690 Euro*

Profit of your award

Use our Premium-Labels to tell your customers about your award.

Below you will find some examples of how the labels have been used in a promotional way:
Online Submission