Project Description

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1200 Leitz folders from 48 years were digitized in the first 6 months as part of the DCHV digital and sustainability initiative. The website ​​was restructured and designed and expanded to include digital membership applications. An internal digital service area for members now offers information on technical, political and economic developments and trends as well as digital processes from booking seminars to the digital dealer competition to ordering in the member’s own online shop. Everything is combined with a digital mailbox and a digital telephone system, with the aim of being able to communicate with members in real time from anywhere. The DCHV has created a digital portfolio of analysis tools and decision-making aids for its members, which will be further expanded: The DCHV market radar approvals and salaries with individual evaluations and anonymous salary comparisons in the industry are the beginning.

  • market entry: 2023
  • target group: Many new caravanning trade members/supporting members as well as role models and experts for other associations in matters of digitalization/sustainability

Note: The association was largely organized analogue and distributed and sent almost all information by post. With our sustainability strategy, we want to work in a way that conserves resources and be a role model for the industry. We were able to reduce our copying, printing and shipping costs to a minimum and saved around EUR 50,000 in the first year.