Project Description

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This is a world first of a split air conditioning system that can be installed instead of a roof air conditioning system or storage air conditioning system.
The unit is installed in the engine compartment and below the dashboard.
No additional screws are required and no additional holes have to be drilled in the vehicle.
The original part (clipped) is removed from the dashboard and replaced by the inner diffuser.
The VANplus air conditioning system can be adjusted at the interior diffuser or at the remote control. The system is currently planned in two versions with a cooling capacity of 7,900 BTU or 5,900 BTU/ 2,9 A.
The innovative design achieves a weight saving of 10 kg compared to conventional air conditioners.
Finally, there is an air conditioner on the market that does not require you to do without a roof window (roof air conditioner) or lose unnecessary storage space due to a storage box air conditioner.

  • market entry: spring 2024
  • target group: vans with and without pop-up roof