Project Description

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A suspension has to withstand a lot of bumps and jolts – preferably without the passengers noticing.
At least that’s how we imagine the perfect suspension.
AL-KO Comfort Drive an innovation that revolutionizes the driving experience in motorhomes
AL-KO Comfort Drive calculates the expected vehicle movements and changes the shock absorber settings – automatically in real time.
Disruptive rolling and pitching movements are significantly reduced.
Impacts on the vehicle caused by potholes and bumps are noticeably reduced.
Two driving modes:
Normal: Ideal for country roads and winding, uneven roads.
Comfort: Ideal for long highway journeys and smooths out bumps even more finely.
Body movements caused by braking and steering maneuvers are significantly reduced.
This improves directional stability and driving safety.
Advantages: Improved driving stability, reduced shocks and vibrations, increased driving comfort due to reduced body movements, better vehicle control.

  • market entry: september 2023
  • target group: Owners of motorhomes who value comfortable travel and who also care about driving safety. Owners of motorhomes who value comfortable traveling and for whom driving safety is important at the same time.
  • partner: KW automotive GmbH